MON, 02/03/14

DBMA Meeting

FRI, 02/11/14

City Council Presentation

TUE, 03/04/14

DBMA Annual Meeting

FRI, 03/07/14

Steering Committee Meeting No.12

FRI, 04/04/14

Steering Committee Meeting No.13

Historic Downtown Branson Streetscape Project

Downtown Branson hosts over 7 Million visitors every year and continues to be a substantial source of revenue for the City. Branson has made a 5 year commitment to revitalizing a 6 block area of the historic downtown.

The goal of the project is to create sustainable “complete streets” that will improve vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle, and multi-modal transportation, increase economic viability, efficiently manage storm water and runoff, and create inviting places for pedestrians.  When completed, the project hopes to attract new businesses, tourists, and residents to the area while reinforcing the City’s commitment to its unique offerings. 

The City of Branson, Missouri boasts a vibrant and thriving downtown district. The last time any major improvements were constructed downtown was in 1991. As part of the city's budgeting process for 2012, funds were allocated to begin the process of revitalizing downtown. The intent of this website is to keep the public apprised of this project's progress.


  • The Branson family entertainment phenomenon began over 50 years ago in 1959 when the Baldknobbers began entertaining visitors on the Branson lakefront.

  • Manes, trains & automobiles at the Branson depot

  • Main Street parade entertains downtown Branson

  • Branson gathers on Main Street for the annual street festival

  • Looking west, up "the hill" on Main Street